Maxey Moverley is Europe's leading independent specialist in the repair of Dennard CCTV and security electronics.

Dennard CCTV Authorised Repair Centre

Maxey Moverley manages all repairs, both warranty and non-warranty, as the authorised Repair Centre for Dennard, a subsidiary of Dedicated Micros.

We work closely with Dedicated Micros to offer the very highest quality repair service in support of the UK installed base, across all product lines in the complete Dennard CCTV and security range.

Our comprehensive repair service covers the entire range of current Dennard and Legacy CCTV and security electronic products, including:

Dome Cameras

  • 2040
  • 2050
  • 2055
  • 2060
  • The Sparkle


  • Pan/Tilt Mechanism
  • External Housing

Maxey Moverley is the UK’s largest independent and advanced centre for the repair of Dennard security electronics, allowing our customers to enjoy a string of outstanding service features including; access to official manufacturer parts and technical data, engineers trained directly by the manufacturer, dedicated test cells and repair rigs.

For a comprehensive list of all Dennard products covered by Maxey Moverley, click here.

And if you do not find what you are looking for, please contact us on 01527 522299 or - we are always developing our service and it is highly likely we will still be able to help.